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Who we are and what we have to offer

Hotel Amphone***

The origins of the family Hotel Amphone date back to year 1990 and the first restitution round when the building was returned to the original owners – Mrs. Amphone and Mr. Jiří Hotový. It took them two years to reconstruct the building and convert it into a cosy yet spacious hotel with 55 rooms and suites.

One of the greatest advantages of the hotel surely is its extraordinary location which ensures the accessibility of the city centre with all the buzz, services, culture, clubs and cafés, and the peace and unspoiled nature of the periphery. The hotel is situated two tram stops from the main bus and train station and maximum 10 minute walk from all the great theatres and cinemas in the centre of Brno. It is also located close to unique architecture site Villa Tugendhat which belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Site and Brno´s largest city park Lužánky.

Our basic idea is to create a lovely place to relax not only for couples but also for families with kids or groups of friends who want to travel or just spend a little nice time together. We believe that it is not just comfortable bed that makes a perfect holiday - that´s why we always want to give you more; whether it´s our summer “jungle style” outside seating, home-made breakfasts or Nail Studio for always-so-busy moms.


Restaurant Sabaidy

Restaurant Sabaidy is a well-known Lao-Thai restaurant founded in 2004. Its origins however date much more back in time, when the owner Mrs. Amphone Nammavong used to cook Lao specialities for her Czech friends at her house. The guests would always leave enchanted by the great food as well as Mrs. Nammavong´s hospitality and persuade her to start a restaurant of her own. She eventually decided to give it a try and 12 years ago opened the first Lao- Thai restaurant in all Eastern Europe. Already first few months after opening showed that it was no risky business but rather a fantastic idea. The restaurant addressed the niche in that time Czech gastronomy and has been attracting exotic-lovers ever since.


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